It’s PF government gassing people, says Sean Tembo

It’s PF government gassing people, says Sean Tembo


1. As Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP), we have noted with regret the continued appetite by the ruling Patriotic Front to maliciously accuse the opposition for the on-going countrywide incidents of chemical gassing of innocent citizens. Among others, the PF Deputy National Chairman for Mobilization as well as the PF Lusaka Province Youth Chairman, are on record accusing the opposition of the on-going gassing without any basis or evidence whatsoever. These antics by the ruling PF are recklessly childish at the least and criminal at worst.

2. As Patriots for Economic Progress, our view is that; going by the level of sophistication of the ongoing gassing attacks of innocent citizens, as well as the widespread nature extending from Mwinilunga in North-Western Province to Chipata of Eastern Province, the perpetrators obviously have huge financial resources and possibly enjoy the support and protection of someone or some people occupying powerful positions. Between the opposition and the ruling PF, it is common knowledge that it is the ruling PF who have unlimited financial resources and who enjoy the support and protection of those that hold powerful positions.

3. As Patriots for Economic Progress, we would like to advise the ruling PF to self-introspect about their own possible guilt before they rush to baselessly accuse the opposition of being perpetrators of the ongoing gassing attacks against innocent citizens. From our perspective, we find it extremely strange that these perpetrators are still able to freely roam the streets and terrorize innocent citizens on a daily basis despite the heavy presence of the defense and security wings on the streets. The PF and it’s Government owe an explanation to the Zambian people on how this is possible.

4. As Patriots for Economic Progress, we call upon the people of Zambia to unite, hold hands and pray together to intercede over the evil that has befallen our nation. The people of Zambia should also closely scrutinize those who are quick to accuse others without any basis or evidence, despite the fact that it is only them that have the financial muscle and security protection necessary to perpetrate terror on such a wide scale across the nation. Such callousness should never be left unchallenged.

Thank you and May God Bless the Good Citizens of the Republic of Zambia and Our Ailing Nation.



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