It’s PF not Covid responsible for suffering in Zambia

It’s PF not Covid responsible for suffering in Zambia

Evangelist Tindi Mubwaluka Ntalasha writes:

Good morning fellow country men and women.
There seems to be some scheme of propaganda by some members of the ruling party to blame the current economic mess on the covid 19. Today I want to dispel those assertions.
1. Way before covid, the Bloomberg guys and other economic players had predicted the Kwacha to be amongst the worst performing currencies,but when we sounded the warning louder,we were deemed to have been sponsored by opposition members.
2. If the situation is global,how come next door South Africa has their Rand performing better than us now? These should be eye openers..drawing huge debts just to flash on roads and none money generating schemes is suicidal.
3. The international community has lost trust in the Zambian Govt. This is evidenced by reluctance of IMF and world bank to further fund the nation. Truth is the high cases of reported misappropriation of funds is killing the nation and as long as we have the same crop of leaders,we are headed for a worse off situation than Zimbabwe.
4. Can the govt of the day sit and show us particular policies they have put in place to arrest this situation we find ourselves in? Let them show us what they intend to do other than the mediocre 18th October prayers they think adress the nation’s struggles when they live contrary to God’s will all year.
5. How will going after opposition party leaders on crimes committed 20 years ago restore the nations lost economical power? We had better times after the so called privatization scandals in the early what is the excuse almost 30 years on? It’s like someone who was sponsored to university by uncles and then fails blames failure in life on the death of his parents whom they never even met. Let us move on.
6. So okay dollar is high coz of covid,things are high coz of privatization, ninga what’s with zesco? When industries need support to boost the flailing economy,how is loadshedding them for hours going to help them lower their produce so as to have the locals access them at cheaper rates?
7. Presidential empowerment fund is a good idea only at a wrong time,we don’t need schemes that will benefit 100 people and leave over 17 million others still in poverty..let us refocus..zambia is becoming a laughing stock despite a the wealth we posses. Let us honor up and look at better ventures to benefit all. E.g,relax taxes, restrictions,duties,levies on citizens business for a period of time to help them fully participate in Mass production.
My beloved Zambia,we are hopeless but not doomed,only if the President can stop being humble on the outside and yet hopeless on the inside and closed doors. Edgar Lungu has no idea what he is doing at the top and his advisors are of no help.

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    Magdalene Nakalowa 3 weeks ago

    True, but taxes can not be relaxed.
    If they are relaxed, then for which bracket of people ?
    Tax collectors (ZRA) need to put in place a massive inspection of properties owned by business and non business owners.. Massive Extensions and just other dwellings in plots have been made. ZRA, should start a massive movement and capturing of all properties, so they know who is legible for tax remittance.

    I totally agree with your sentiments.