It’s PF sponsoring violence, says GBM

It’s PF sponsoring violence, says GBM

Lusaka 11.07/2015 Vice President Inonge Wina’s baseless decree to stop the movement of cadres should be reversed because it is deliberate and a recipe to sponsor violence and intimidation.

This is a typical example of state sponsored violence and intimidation which the PF government has found as the only way to remain in power after failing to govern the country.

The PF are fully aware that people will resist arrest because there is no such a law while Police will want to effect arrest following their masters instructions and this will definitely result into violence.

The Patriotic Front Government should be aware that no decree or MAN at this time will stop the wind of change from blowing into the direction it has already taken, Change is coming.

I challenge Vice President Wina to define a cadre, from her decree she seems to have narrowed a cadre to a youth leaving out Ministers, District Commissioners and Senior Party officials who are usually organisers and funders of movements, electoral mal-practice and violent activities during campaigns.

Further I challenge her to tell the nation who shot UPND cadres Mushaukwa Mushaukwa, two other persons and one PF cadre during the Mulobezi by-elections?

So to point at youths when she is fully aware that her senior Party official and district Commissioner fully participated in violence is not only unfair but irrational too.

However we take it that she is too mature not to know that but that she is fully aware of the motive behind.

Ms Wina has exhibited a character that is not expected of an acting President, but then this is typical of a failed leadership in the ruling party.

She has displayed a different disposition whether it is age or lack of political willpower but she is still a good woman and mothers are expected to exhibit a character of a true builder.

Meanwhile it is surprising that in her ill-timed decree she mentioned Kasama when the matter pending the by-election is still in court. We are aware of the PF ugly schemes.

We in the UPND are ready for the Kasama Central parliamentary by-election. Our powers are in the ballot and not vote buying and state sponsored violence and intimidation.

As UPND we are fully aware that divide and rule including sponsored violence and intimidation using Police is PF survival strategy and not good governance


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Vice President-Administration


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