It’s president Lungu to lead celebrations not me, Scott disputes Post newspaper

Ceremonial Vice President Guy Scott has dismissed assertions by the Post newspaper that he will lead independence celebrations instead of acting president Edgar Lungu.
And Scott has finally admitted that no head of state or government will attend Zambia’s 50th independence anniversary.
On Tuesday, the Post newspaper lied that:
“The President left justice and defence minister Edgar Lungu to act in his absence, but it’s actually the Vice-President who will play the main role on Independence Day…that is why most of the Heads of State that were invited to attend the golden jubilee are sending Vice-Presidents or foreign ministers to represent them because Sata will not be around on that date.”
But Scott went to parliament later in the afternoon to tell MPs that it is his Excellency Edgar Lungu who will lead the main independence celebrations at the Heroes stadium in the absence of President Michael Sata.
To dispute the Post newspaper lies further, Scott revealed that president Lungu will host a State Banquet at Intercontinental Hotel on Thursday, 23rd October to welcome invited guests and foreign dignitaries.
And Scott told parliament no president will attend the golden Jubilee contrary to what he told the same parliament two weeks ago.
Instead, Scott has changed the hymn to say a lot of countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa would send representatives.
We are sure Guy Scott has read the mood and realized that his cartel is bound kiss dust.

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