It’s Rupiah behind manoeuvres to stop ZCCM from recovering money from First Quantum

It’s Rupiah behind manoeuvres to stop ZCCM from recovering money from First Quantum

Former President Rupiah Banda is behind manouvers to have the case between the Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Investments Holdings (ZCCM IH) and First Quantum Minerals withdrawn from the Courts.

Rupiah is the one who approached Edgar Lungu to prevail over ZCCM IH to with draw the matter and promised Lungu some financial benefits to be used for his third term campaign. Here is the Matrix told by our source. The Pascal family who own FQM that ownes Kansanshi Mine and Kalumbila Mines in Northwestern Zambia and Rupiah Banda are very close friends. The Pascals enhanced their investment in Zambian when RB was Vice President and Subsequently Republican President. When Rupiah lost elections to Michael Sata in 2011, the Pascals were not comfortable with the Sata regime especially when then Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda shifted goal posts in terms of mineral taxes every now and then. During this time RB was also appearing in court over the Nigerian Oil deal. The Pascal Family started paying Rupiah Banda legal bills and that is why RB hired almost the entire legal brains in Zambia.

He had Professor Patrick Mvunga, Erick Silwamba, Sakwiba Sikota, Stephen Lungu, Ireen Kunda,Lubinda Linyama and Makebi Zulu among others and these are not cheap lawyers. When Michael Sata died, Rupiah Banda thought of coming back into politics to stand for the Presidential elections under Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD). RB approached the Pascals for funding and indeed they funded him. Divisions started in the MMD between pro RB and the Pro Nevers Mumba. RB having alot of resources pulled quite a good number of supporters to his side but Nevers Mumba was not a push over. He took the matter to the Supreme Court.

When the matter was at Supreme Court Mumba Malila one of the Justices had a score to settle with RB.

If you remember properly RB fired Mumba Malila as Attorney General after the death of Levy Mwanawasa. RB linked Malila to the cartel of Mutembo Nchito and Fred Mmembe. Malila wrote the Judgement that ruled that Nevers Mumba was the rightful candidate for MMD. Rupiah was blocked but he had alot of money from FQM.

Then a situation arose where then Acting President Guy Scot refused to use public resources for Edgar Lungu campaigns. Rupiah Banda channelled these resources to Edgar Lungu. It was about US 3 million and Edgar won the elections in 2015. Come 2016 Dr. Pius Kasolo who is ZCCM IH who was appointed by late Sata gets a tip from his friends in the UK Financial sector that FQM is using some proceeds from Kansanshi to finance other ventures without ZCCM IH knowledge.

For those who may not be in the know, ZCCM IH ownes shares on behalf of all Zambians in all major mining companies that were privatised.

Dr. Kasolo was privy to this information because he worked in the UK for along time. He was one of the first persons to make financial contributions to the PF when it was formed. Some people believe he actually sent the money that was used to register PF by Edwin Lifwekelo.

Yes Edwin Lifwekelo was the first Secretary General of PF.

Back to the matrix. When Kasolo got this news he engaged his legal brains and consulted the Industrial Development Corporation because ZCCM IH is under IDC. Then IDC Director General Andrew Chipwende okayed Legal action. When FQM were served with a letter of demand for US 1.4 billion, they went back to RB for help because ZCCM IH did not only pursue a civil case but also opened a Police docket for criminal offence of fraud. That means shareholders and directors of FQM couldn’t enter Zambia or else they faced arrest. FQM sent their director of Government Affairs who was not one of the shareholders but an employee and was not on the wanted list to see Rupiah Banda. His names are John Gladstone. Mr. Gladstone asked RB to prevail over Edgar Lungu who also happens to be IDC board Chairperson. It was very easy for RB. He simply went to Lungu and said that money I helped you for the campaigns came from FQM. FQM also promised a cut for RB, a cut for Felix Mutati to make MMD strong ahead of 2021 elections in case he becomes an alternative if Lungu does not manage to convince Zambians over a third term. So for those in PF thinking of taking over Lungu forget. It’s Mutati. Then Lungu was promised a cut to enhance the third term campaigns. Conditions. TAKE THE CASE OUT OF COURT AND DROP THE CHARGES. It is not clear whether this is what caused Chipwende to be relieved of his duties. Mutati has appointed his own person. A.Mr..Mateyo Kaluba from Ministry of Commerce. He worked as Director at Commerce when Mutati served as Commerce Minister during the reign of MMD under RB. Why is Zambia then asking for US1.6 billion from the IMF which will only be disbursed in three installments when we can collect US1.4 billion at once from FQM. Note. We know some cadres like Thomas Chomba, Akapondo Kansansa, Denis Phiri and OneNation will say Bufi but Lwenu. You havea right to your opinion.

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