‘It’s sad in Zambia today’

Its sad how we have failed to take of ourselves as a country. yesterday i almost cried when I witnessed youths lineup for few jobs in one of the shops in garden house kanyama.

It’s like getting a job nowadays is as easy as an elephant pass through an eye of a needle.

As youths when are we going to have a time in lift the moment you graduate from college or university… a good job ,a car loan and motgage is guaranteed.

Vincent Chaile

President Radical Revolutionary party


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    Stephen 6 days

    As s regular road user, itdnot unudusl yo see so many cars in zambia truingvyo nsvifate our now famous speed humps, After many years of slow moving traffic, we seem not to be rrcivilec to faster moving traffic as a natural occursnce of cars. What’s worrying is the sheer high number of these jumps. Virtually every road has one. I slaxysvtjougjt the purpose was to flow not kill traffic.
    I wouldn’t mind if they actually served their purpose. Most cars manufactured from about 2004 have been made lower and unable to get over these high sharp jumps in Zambia.
    Can RDA and RATSA put their heads together to design safer speed jumps? At the moment they’re much too high, too many and are not marked or signed. Tgey are becoming serious hazards that i see many drivers hit at high speeds. The danger is, not only do they damage suspension systems without the driver knowing it, but can cause accidents. Damaged suspension systems can cause loss of control of a vehicle at higher speeds esprcially on inter-town trips.. road safety is going down the definitely partly due to these not too well thought out or designed speed humps.

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    lelo 1 week

    Go farming,there is plenty of land.