It’s Self Service at UTH casualty ward

The University Teaching Hospital (UTH) casualty ward has turned into a “Hotel” as several patients suffering from wounds mainly from assaults are attending to themselves because there are no nurses to attend to them.
A check by the Zambian Watchdog last night and early this morning reveal that the casualty ward at the country’s highest referral hospital has simply been deserted.
A lone Doctor was found attempting to help those he can help last night and the situation was the same this morning.
One Hygiene Technician (Cleaner) who was found in the casualty ward and declined to be named had this to say “The situation is bad here. You know a number of teenagers went out last night and we have several assault cases. There are people who have been seriously assaulted and they are coming from several police stations around the City. Can President Sata personally come here and see for himself” the cleaner said.
The casualty ward floor is spread in blood as the people who are supposed to clean it are now performing the duties of nurses.Also visible were victims of road accidents
Civil Rights activist Brebner Changala who had gone to UTH to visit a sick relative had this to say “We can not continue like this. This country has collapsed. We are not been governed. This is total anarchy”. MMD President Nevers Mumba said may the blood of the Zambian citizens be on the shoulders of the PF government because they have refused to listen.

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