It’s Shikapwasha perpetuating genocide-CSPR

The Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) has accused information and broadcasting services minister, Ronnie Shikapwasha of perpetuating genocide in the nation by making unnecessary claims that the church in the country is working against the government.

shikapwashagen1Speaking to QFM in an interview, CSPR Executive Director, Patrick Mucheleka says it is inappropriate for the chief government spokesperson to make such allegations against the church when the church has been very influential in helping government meet the millennium development goals relating to the social sector.

Mr. Mucheleka says it is such remarks by Lt. Gen shikapwasha that can lead to the church shunning its duties of helping the needy and providing guidance to the government because they would feel not appreciated.

He says government cannot expect both the church and the civil society to keep quite when it is clear that people are suffering and poverty levels are increasing every day, in a country with abundant resources but little political will.

Mr Mucheleka has hence challenged government to come up with a policy shift that ensures that sufficient resources are channeled towards the social sectors to benefit the people.

He has also challenged government to draw lessons from the way the fifth national development plan (FNDP) has been implemented and work on making the future of the nation much brighter.
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