It’s the land not Zaffico per se that has been sold

It’s the land not Zaffico per se that has been sold

The conspiracy behind ZAFFICO land is complex for an ordinary person in the street to understand.

ZAFFICO as a corporation has no certificate of land title.The land on which the 50,000 hectares of commercial plantations are sitting is not regarded as an asset of ZAFFICO.

This explains the mystery behind the sell of ZAFFICO to Chinese with evidence of beacons found on ZAFFICO land written in Chinese language .It is not ZAFFICO that has been sold to the Chinese but it is the land that has been sold on which ZAFFICO plantations sits on.

The question which the govt has to answer to the Zambian people is why is ZAFFICO as a corporation not on land title all these years? ,or owns ZAFFICO land?,or who is having the certificate of title to ZAFFICO land ?.

If ZAFFICO is listed on Lusaka stock exchange today will it include land?, since there is no land title.As far as we are concerned ZAFFICO has no land since 1952 and it has been operating on illegal land.

This has also affected the asset base and balance sheet of ZAFFICO because when taking the inventory land is not included which is also key in the production of timber.

Vincent Chaile

President for Radical Revolutionary Party (RRP).

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