It’s time to try Hichilema

It’s time to try Hichilema


By Jonas Shakafuswa

Let us face it. Zambian Politics is defined on tribal lines. It all started in the pre colonial era. The fight which culminated in the rivalry of ANC and UNIP. The ANC was characterized and identified as a Tonga Party. While UNIP was identified with the Bembas. Today this has continued with PF being Associated with and championing the Bemba tribe. This seen in the manner of appointments, Government Contracts, regional discrimination etc. The UPND has stood steadfast to defend its region against discrimination and right to exist as Zambians. It has been deemed a tribal approach. But then how does regions discriminated against stand up and claim what is rightly theirs if it doesn’t take a regional line?

For me for HH has learned the lesson. Society is dynamic, so are it people. He has learned that taking a regional cry is not Zambians desired dish. As it is divisive. The Zambians want a United Country. But then the Zambians also want the Country to be run by responsible leaders. That where HH comes in. He has run his life outside Politics responsibly. Take away his tribe. HH has proved to be hard working and successful responsible businessman. The qualities Zambians are looking in a leader. Zambians don’t want mismanagement of resources by a few in the name of the ruling Party. The want Economic managers who can manage the resource on behave of all Zambians. This is the test of the next Election. Has the Bemba led PF managed resources prudently on behalf of all Zambians? Have the benefits trickled down to the lowest of society. Are the leaders sacrificing for the poorest of the poor? If yes then I see no reason of not returning PF to power. For me it is also time for the Bembas to ask themselves if the so called leaders representing them in Government are the best reflection of its people. If not then let us try HH, but point to him that this Country does not belong to the Tongas and we don’t want Tonga domination or discrimination. We won’t accept to be divided again as a Nation. We want Economic Managers to run the business of this Country. Not corrupt jokers.
Politically I feel HH has been an average Politician. Like all Politicians building an image of the ‘Only One.’ Done away with strong competitors to remain the only one. This does not work with Government. Don’t surround yourself with stooges who say yes even to your rubbish. Surround yourself with people who will give you the best critic to make you a better leader. Mazoka had such qualities. Learn you don’t know everything. Work as a team. Not you being the team.

Teshi Chishi Cha Banyinawanu. Chishi chesu bonse. Mwanchima.

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