It’s Times of Zambia dimwits who should be caged for purveying trash

We totally agree with the observations by the government owned and controlled Times of Zambia newspaper that purveyors of false information need to be caged.

In fact, if everyone followed this good advice by the Times of Zambia newspaper, this country would not be facing the current political and economic turmoil.

We all know that the current PF leadership assumed power based on false information to the electorates that Zambia would be heaven on earth within 90 days.

The Times of Zambia itself is facing numerous court cases that have partly made the newspaper live on hand-to-mouth because of false information they carried not long ago against the current PF leaders towards elections.

Does anyone want them to be caged?

We therefore hope that the editorial is really coming from their hearts because this paper and others are only known to be Muselela kwakaba or sebana wikute type of publication that never publishes anything worth reading for a newspaper that is supposed to provide checks and balances in a democratic society.

As they incite their current pay-masters, themselves are known liars, we hope they will also engage international hunters to cage the Indian newspapers that reported that President Michael Sata was on medical treatment in that country.

How can the Times of Zambia accuse us of publishing falsehoods when just a few months ago, they shamelessly republished whatever material we published during elections?

If there is an academician, researcher and author who once said there is a lot of trash that passes for journalism nowadays, he must have had things like the Times of Zambia in mind. The Times of Zambia is trash and publishes trash

What purpose does the Times of Zambia serve apart from wasting Tax payers’ money to pay salaries of those civil servant journalists?

We are aware that even journalists who work for Times do not even read the hogwash they publish because they know it is rubbish.

Is it not a shame that after more than 40 years of existence, the Times of Zambia is still depending on government funding?  If tax payers’ money was to be cut from that thing, it will collapse the next day.

Why does the times of Zambia which has hundreds of employs print three thousand copies in any given day?

A few years ago, the Times of Zambia was lying that it is the biggest circulation daily. It was forced by the Post, then an independent newspaper, to withdraw this statement from their masthead and Logos.

This was after the Times failed to prove that they sell more newspapers than Daily Mail or the Post. They were forced to go back to their cadre slogan of ‘Forward with the nation’. They should just amend it and say ‘Forward with the PF’. It’s a truer reflection of what they do; purveying PF trash.

We must say though that we are happy that we are giving the Times of Zambia and its sponsors sleepless nights.

It is not our fault that the Times of Zambia website is static and shows stories published two months ago on its home page.

It must be very irritating to Times of Zambia editors that whenever they go into their newsrooms, they find their reporters logged on the Watchdog.

Coming to their inciting their paymasters to have us arrested, we can only wish them luck. We know we are standing in their way of propaganda. Whatever lies they produce and circulate to the limited readers they have, we neutralise it by publishing facts.
Only a fool or someone who lives in denial can say that few people access news on the Internet. What we know, and there is enough research to back us, is that upto 80 per cent of people in the world, get their news from online publications. This includes Zambia.

If people in the rural areas don’t read online publications, they also do not read newspaper because the fundamentals are the same.

But the Times of Zambia should know that we are here to stay. They can cage, torture and do whatever they want to us, but we can guarantee them that, the next minute they log on our site, there will be latest news on the conduct on their paymasters.

We have been preparing for such eventualities for a long time because we know the type of barbarians we are dealing with.

You can maim, cage or kill one person you think is running the Watchdog, the next morning, you will find the Watchdog running even much more furiously.

The people who are running the Times of Zambia are serious dimwits.

As far as we can remember, we never wrote any news that Sata is sick. We only revealed that Sata had been secretly flown to India. This is true. Sata is still in India. The Times of Zambia only  discovered after checking our website.

It was the Times of India which wrote that Sata was in hospital. But the Times of Zambia editors don’t seem to know the difference between the Watchdog and Times of India.  Now we wonder what else the Times of Zambia editors don’t know if they are unable to distinguish such basic things like the Zambian Watchdog from Times of India.

Obviously the Times of Zambia editors do not know that we have someone who updates the Watchdog from their offices in Ndola.

That is how we work. We are a network. And we are recruiting more every day.

Arrest one or two of us and see if the news will stop flowing. Destroy this website and we will erect another one.

We are not doing anything illegal. We are only informing the public of what is happening in the country.

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