It’s too early for us to create jobs – State House

It’s too early for us to create jobs – State House

ifintu-ni-lunguYou can’t start asking us about creating jobs when it’s only February, says State House.

From the time he forced his way into state house using pangas, hypocrisy and corruption more than two years ago, Edgar Lungu has been unable to clearly state how many jobs he has created. All he has been doing is jiggling civil servants and loitering from one country to the other. During elections last year, he promised to create 100, 000 jobs once elected but it’s now more than four months from the time he was sworn in but he is still unable to say how many of these jobs have been created.

When reminded about this promise, Lungu said its too early to create jobs. Speaking through his mouthpiece Amos Chanda, Lungu wondered why this promise by the PF regime government should be questioned a month into the 2017.

Chanda told Qfm News that State House finds it strange that in the second month of the year some people in the Country would think the promise to create 100, 000 this year has been broken.

He said State House does not think fears of failure to create such a huge number of jobs can arise at such an early stage.


What Chanda does not find strange is that he and his boss have already started receiving salaries for this year, so early.

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