‘It’s too expensive to maintain sick Sata as president’


By Nason Msoni

President Michael Sata whether found or missing relatively still remains a national liability on the treasury.

The cost to sustain and keep him afloat is rather too colossal and unsustainable on the long term for our shrinking economy.

Prudence dictates that the man be advised to retire at the earliest opportunity as opposed to encouraging him to go on leave as that will not solve the current prevailing national crisis.

It is absolutely scandalous to note that on a daily basis over 20 new born babies are delivered on the cold floor in one of the major referral hospital in the country yet so much money is going towards the treatment of one person.

No serious government can allow such an abhorrent situation to go unabated. In civilized nations the entire cabinet can be forced to resign on moral grounds. This is a scandal by all means and our expectation is that government must now move swiftly to rectify this shameful state-of-affairs.

We challenge and ask government to furnish the nation on how much so far government has spent on the treatment of the head of state in the last 12months.

It is not off-limits to require such important information as the funds being used are public funds which must be accounted for and be subjected to scrutiny by taxpayers.

We think so much money is been sacrificed to sustain the life of one person when the majority of patients are left for dead in ill-equipped hospitals lacking even the most basic medicines necessary to save lives.

We think this nation must be re-organized firmly and entrenched with the spirit of fairness and social justice for all our people.

The exclusive self-entitlement of a few elements to access world-class treatment at the expense of the majority must be questioned especially that it is public funds being used or abused. The question should be who is entitled and whose not? Who exactly determines whose life is expendable or not in determining who can access quality foreign treatment?


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