It’s true Mosho has already sold Post trucks



I wish to make a follow up on the story you wrote about the sale of Post Assets by Nathan Mosho and his friend Robert Chabinga.

I wish to confirm to you that it’s true Mosho has sold 20 trucks to Juba Transport in Lusaka. The trucks right now are parked at his yard just next to star milling in industrial area. The drivers from Juba have been calling us former drivers at Post Courier that we have your trucks here.


The sad thing is the following:


1. They had to break into the trucks to move them where they were in Chilanga. The went and made keys in town to move them from Chilanga where Post parked them to Juba Transport yard.


2. If the issue was still in court and if they deny selling the trucks why can’t you use the original keys of the trucks and not use wires to start them? Also why park the trucks in a private company yard and not a government yard? Why just at Juba Transport?


4. They broke into the trucks in the presence of a police man Mr Mulenga Japhet from Force head quarters and some other cop?


5. We even know where keys were being made in town.


6. We have our belongings in those trucks and this depresses us to know that other truck drivers are driving our trucks.


7. If Juba starts exchanging parts on those trucks who will pay for the same?


Mr Mohammed has been sending his drivers to recruit us former truck drivers to go and drive our trucks. We can’t do that? The Somalian has bad conditions of service he can’t compare to Mr Mmembe who was paying us not less K7000.00 a month.


The question we have for Mr Morsho are the following:


1. How much was one truck sold?

2. Why did u break into the trucks instead of using the original keys?

3. Why are the trucks parked at Juba Transport?

4. I have video footage of the same, Juba drivers are also not happy to drive stolen vehicles?


Concerned former Truck Driver

Post Transport

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