It’s true the PF wants to kill me, comfirns Chifire

It’s true the PF wants to kill me, comfirns Chifire

Gregory Chifire writes:

I can confirm the watchdog story about Youths being paid huge sums of money to kill me. I was alerted by some. Am not sure if that is the reason Mrs Mumbi Phiri called me at around 19:00hrs asking about my whereabouts so that she could come over for a chat (am sure not).Earlier she had called my sister asking for directions to my residence for purposes of delivering court summons. In response to my sister, I ask her whether Mrs Phiri had become a court messenger, maybe I might have missed that part of news. Well to cut the long story short, I told my sister to give her my number. I was at sea because as far as am concerned Mrs Phiri did not have a locus standi in this matter.

Ok, that having been said, my security is in the hands of God. ‘though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil’.

Understand this, you may kill me, but you may not have killed the evidence. You may kill me, but you may not have killed the struggle. You may succeed to kill me, but this fight is bigger than simple Gregory, such an act will have far reaching consequences on you and your family for generations to come.

Let me say this, such attempts make me more resolved, they harden me.

Know this, you are not the first, neither are you going to be the last to be in that office. Count your days because they are numbered. Death or harm is not on the list of my biggest fears. There are two things that I fear most. To invoke the anger of my maker and to see my fellow man suffer injustice, not the bullet of the gun, no! not what man can do unto me, no.

Those that know me, know that when I start something, I go to the full length. No amount of threat, no amount of money ll deter me. Am sure you know that those that rise by the sword, shall also fall by the sword. If you are clean, why are you afraid. The guilty are always afraid. Atleast the whole world will know what you really are.

When I started this, I knew what exactly I was signing up for. Zambia, I won’t let you down.

Even if I was to be gone today, many other will rise. The answer to this lies in you changing your ways. How do you feel to see the people that you claim to love suffer because of the effects of your corruption, how do you feel to see people die because you pocketed money meant for their drags. Those ambulances, those fire tenders, the over priced roads etc. I know the 15℅ commissions you have been getting, I know the cars and houses that have been built and bought for you,you are many.

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