It’s UPND keeping huge sums of money at homes – PF

It’s UPND keeping huge sums of money at homes – PF


1st March 2021 – The Patriotic Front (PF) is calling on the Bank of Zambia and investigative wings to take interest in monies held by citizens in different locations.

BOZ and investigative wings have a duty to not only protect the public from the issuance of fake currencies but also curb any potential for money laundering, irrespective of which citizen is involved.

We are aware that some opposition political parties and their candidates could be holding millions of kwachas in their homes for unknown purposes.

We would not be surprised that attempts are being made to manufacture and circulate videos using persons clad in our party regalia on social media purporting to be members linked to the Patriotic Front or its leaders, when in fact not.

The PF would like to reiterate the warning given earlier by His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu that the Party will not shield anyone – either our own members or those from the opposition – involved in any possible criminal activities, including the issuance of fake currency.

We implore the police and other investigative wings to ensure that those who may be potentially committing crimes in this regard are brought to book.

We want to also reiterate that President Lungu and his administration will continue to encourage citizens, whether opposition leaders or ordinary Zambians, to work hard in order to legitimately make their earnings.

The current happenings in which questionable videos are being posted on social media reaffirms our support as a Party towards the enactment of the Cybercrime Bill which will protect innocent persons like Hon Dora Siliya who are falsely being linked to such videos with masked individuals.

Our MPs are therefore encouraged to pass this Bill to allow the investigative wings to utilise the provisions of the law to go to the route of those involved in manufacturing of these videos and their circulation on social media.

Issued by

Sunday Chilufya Chanda
Media Director
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