‘It’s Zambians of Asian origin abusing hunting licences in Luangwa valley’

Dear editor,
There was an article in the post today about the hunting for the residents and citizens.  They the hunters have put up an article in the post addressed to the minister of tourism.
My concern and my letter today will shed some light on the hunting which takes place in the Luangwa valley mostly.
The hunters for the past years have been hunting in the Luangwa valley from lower Lupande to Nyampala to Luwawato and further.  These hunters are mostly Zambians of Asian origin. Our Asian Zambians have been abusing the wildlife resources to the maximum.

They have been applying using different names of their workers, friends , and they have been hunting on one license which consists of 5 animals only;  they have been hunting double of that , and at times 3 buffalos on a single license.

My question to you the nation and the minister is why allowed hunting to take place for residents who abuse our resources without any shame?

The same people who have published there concern to the minister are the same people who are over-hunting and poaching the wildlife, and yet it is also illegal in their religion of Islam (as most of the Asian hunters are Muslim brothers of ours).

I had the chance of being in Mfuwe during the season of hunting and my God it’s a shame of the abuse they commit to the resources of wildlife , my humble request to you hon minister please ban the resident hunting and only go ahead with the safari hunting for it is the best controlled .

If the residents want to hunt they can do so at ranches which are throughout the country, until ZAWA has got the best of control over resident hunting and please have in place new rules and laws, My hon minister as a concerned Zambian who wants he’s children to witness the beautiful wild life of our mother Zambia please do not give in to the unashamed poachers and extinters of our wildlife. May God bless you.

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