‘It’s Costa Mwansa who wants a job from PF, us we applied formally to ZNBC’

Dear editor,
you seem to be so sure about your reports on Muvi TV.

The picture outside is so big but inside its total rubbish.

I feel these insinuations by Zambian Watchdog might affect our chances of working for ZNBC after properly applying in response to the job advert in the past week because we work for Muvi TV.  I say so because I feel ZNBC management might not pick on anyone working for Muvi TV who applied so as to distance themselves from these insinuations.
If this site is managed by trained journalists tell me which journalist in the country wouldn’t want to work for ZNBC? Which private TV station in the country has outstanding journalists apart from MUVI TV?
If at all ZNBC employs some journalists from MUVI TV of which that is more likely because it is the only private owned TV station whose journalists have given ZNBC stiff competition. I suggest that you investigate how workers at Muvi TV are frustrated despite appearing to be the champions of people’s rights in the country instead of non starters like this.
Resignations are the order of the day. For your own information about 13 people resigned from Muvi TV to join ZNBC between 2009 and 2011 alone way before PF took over office. Was George Chellah orchestrating the move? This is aside from others who have joined other institutions.
These include Patricia Mapiki, Margret Chisulo, Lufola Muzungu, Julius Sakala, Penelope Kapambwe, Constance Nkaka a technician, camera men like Smart Lungu, James Chaponda a camera person, Tom “Limbikani” Njobvu, Gerald Singwa, Gorge and IT personel, and Furguson a Marketing executive among others.
Other notable faces who have resigned are Mutinta Chiseko, Chibesa Ngwira, Master Chimbala who is working on part time now from October last years, Brian Mwale, Paul Shalala, Allan Mtonga  and Chanza Sikazwe who had also joined Muvi as part time News Caster from ZNBC has gone back where  he came from. Surely even a dull person would figure it out on his own why all these resignations. This is not to mention the IT Director Emmanuel Chikopela and Prince Musunga a Head of Accounts who both resigned late last year citing poor management.
In less than a month Caroline Hazela a transmission controller who has been with Muvi TV since inception and Chrispin Phiri a video editor recently resigned because of frustrations and in search of a better life. More are yet to resign. Check these facts with Muvi TV management.
This is all because conditions of service are pathetic. We have continued working because there are no jobs in the country. Some of us our contracts ended three years ago whilst some have never signed at all, just a simple case and one gets their salaries deducted. We have learnt that this situation is now typical of Steve Nyirenda’s Investments as was witnessed with the firing of all Fresh View Cinema employees who demanded for contracts but were instead accused of stealing K 160,000,000 a story we could not report on. (Fresh View Cinema at Manda Hill is Steve Nyirenda’s)
Salaries are pathetic except for the owner’s relatives and a few individuals who are his ‘booty lickers.” Even as we report on other workers complaining of poor conditions of service we do that with a lot of pain because no one speaks for us. We have been crying to the Ministry of labour from the time of MMD but nothing has happened. Maybe because Steve was good friends with RB so we appeal to PF to take it up.
Most of us are frustrated because this is the only source of income and we have to stomach rubbish coming from the General Manager Costa Mwansa who says we are like cabbages who cant think for ourselves yet he does not even have a Diploma because he failed English twice, if you think this is cheap politics verify this with Evelyn Hone College. We also know about his frequenting of State House and senior PF officials trying to get a job yet when he hears of us applying to ZNBC or other areas it is a crime.
With all this would it be a crime if a well qualified employee of Muvi TV is employed by ZNBC when we all took part applied in response to an open job advert?
Please take this as credible intel from a Muvi TV employee and a response to your article on PF government wanting to porch journalist from Muvi TV. Please withhold my identity. Just  used a made up email address because I know within your institution you have people close to Muvi TV.
Frustrated Muvi TV employee.

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