Jack Mwimbu and police corruption


The Minister of Home Affairs is one of the crucial ministry which does not have the luxury of time in addressing the flaws of the previous administration. Hon. Jack Mwiimbu has huge the task of restoring the rule of law as well as bringing healing to the nation which is dependent on how justice is delivered for past atrocities. The economic recovery of the country is also dependent on how stolen assets will be recovered and handled by the UPND administration.

The following are the priorities and suggested approach he needs to adopt going forward

1. Corruption in the police
– The major problem about police corruption is impunity and the public’s role in rationalising it.
– Corruption in the police requires not only prosecution but also cultural change at all levels.
– The police are no longer taking bribes for bread and butter, but they are taking bribes to build houses and other investment.
– Some directives from the IG are not enough. Comprehensive corrections including stringent and ethically sound recruitment methods are required to fight corruption in the police.

2. Traffic accidents and offences
– Investigating traffic accident should not end at only considering the judgment of the driver. Police and RTSA should look at other areas and investigate the issuers of licences and fitness certificates, the health of the drivers, the conduct of the traffic police that check the drivers, the mechanical element of the accident, the working hours of the PSV drivers, etc.

3. Past atrocities, terror and police brutality
– The country may have changed government, but citizens are desperate for healing and closure. The price has to be paid for the 50 people we lost to gassing and property worth millions we lost to arson.
– Justice served means creating a deterrent for such crims to repeat themselves.
– Inquiries are required in these crimes with the intention of prosecuting wrong doers. We just can overlook that we had a regime that had an organised militia the brutalised us for seven years. Never again!

4. Anti-Corruption Commission and Drug Enforcement Commission
– If HH is being methodical in how to handle the ACC and DEC, then the onus is on Hon. Jack Mwiimbu to appoint new boards that should immediately review the performance of DEC and ACC in the last 10 years and make the necessary changes.
– Right now the public perception is that suspected PF allies within these institution, cannot be effective in prosecuting PF aligned plunderers. Even if they did place some charges, it would be at a compromised level that won’t help us fully recover stolen resources.
– The ACC and DEC are inherently compromised at the top by virtue of being familiar with PF officials as well as accepting orders from them when they had an option of resigning.

The pressure is on Jack Mwiimbu to do his policy role diligently and in accordance with the people’s expectations and the Zambia police, ACC and DEC will also follow through without any political influence.

Richard W

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