Jack Mwimbu’s policy to please PF condemn

Jack Mwimbu’s policy to please PF condemn

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The shenanigans that have started in UPND are not news to us closer to reality than the inner circle.

THE ARROGANT INNER CIRCLE OF BADALAS MUST BE DISBANDED by The President for his own good & finally start trusting US the millennials that was key in delivering his massive victory.

Even during campaigns, as youths we were busy telling Bally that that clique are no good & only looking out for their symbiotic means of survival off HHs wealth.

Ask UPND Party members at lower levels. We know them well.

Therefore, does it mean that His Excellency & Hon Mwimbu will sacrifice junior officers and whistleblowers in ACC, DEC & OP just like that in order to please PF?

Does he not care that his insistence on working with corrupt PF bosses at ACC, DEC & OP is basically a Holocaust of the gallant officers working under torrid & dangerous conditions?

Who is going to conduct these investigations?

You think it’s easy for us to investigate our own bosses?

I’m sorry but this is an insult to our collective intelligence.

Minister Mwiimbu is out of touch with reality & this kind of cowardice must come to an end because it is making UPND easy bait for State Capture!

Does he know that Investigators from ACC etc are being trailed by our own state surveillance units under PF orders which is putting their lives and those of witnesses at risk?
Boss, people voted for change & not this nonsense we are now seeing.

But somehow I’m not surprised. The UPND Inner Circle is well known for its arrogance & habit of putting its own people kuwire.

Just look at the confusion & lack of unity of purpose in Ndola UPND.

There is a reason why the concept retirement on National Interest was formulated.

What’s gone wrong with His Excellency?

Has Freedom Sikazwe bewitched Bally?


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