Jail escapee defiles girl seven in Mpika

A 31 year old jail deserter has defiled his seven year old niece in Kanchibiya resettlement Scheme about 25 kilometres south of Mpika Boma in the Northern Province.

Sources within Kanchibiya resettlement scheme disclosed in Mpika today and said the incident happened Monday night at farm number 116 A when her parents were attending a funeral at another farm..

The funeral of an elderly woman, Annette Chisanga Lesa 93 believed to be the oldest person in the resettlement scheme was being held at farm number 34.

The sources said parents to the victim had left the named man to look after the three children at their farm because there were no other people to take charge of them.

However, after the burial the couple did not go back because the deceased woman was their relation.

The sources said that later in the evening, the children’s father decided to check on them as he was worried.

They said upon reaching home, he checked for his brother in law in the common hut locally known as insaka where he sleeps, but he was not there.

He then went in the house where the children sleep and found him having sex with the juvenile who is the first born.

The girl’s father grabbed his in law and dragged him to the farm where the funeral was being held while he was in a lady’s pant which they said he normally puts on.

The sources said the named man confessed that he was found having sex to a minor.

He further told a group of mourners that in fact he never finished serving a jail sentence, but had simply escaped from Lubambala open prison in Mpika some time last year.

it was at this point a group of men decided to take him to members of the Community Crime Prevention Unit (CCPU), but before they could reach there, the parents’ to the offender pleaded with girl’s parents to spare him and promised to pay them 600,000 kwacha as compensation.

But the parents’ decision has riled residents in Kanchibiya who who have said that money was not above human’s life.

The residents have accused parents of promoting defilement cases in the area.

The settlers blamed parents for infringing the rights of the innocent girl and added that it was unfair for parents to accept money because they did not know the health status of the young girl.

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