Jailed sick Barotse activists moved to Mwembeshi prison, as two more are arrested

President Edgar Lungu has now directed prison authorities to transfer Afumba Mombotwa, Kalima Inambao and Pelekelo Likando to Mwembeshi prison in an attempt to keep them from the media eye.

The transfer of the inmates was done on Friday last week in the middle of the night but to dupe others, prison records indicate that the trio were taken to hospital.

The three are serving ten year jail sentences after the Kabwe High court found them guilty for treason. This was after they advocated for the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964, as resolved by the BNC meeting attended by government officials.

Meanwhile, to try and completely suppress Monbotwa’s supporters and to instil fear among Barotse activists, two more people,  Kalaluka Muleta and Nasilele Nyambe were arrested on 26th March in Kalabo.

Kalaluka, a former investigations officer for the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) is one of the 84 who were earlier arrested but released on nolle prosequi and lost his job after being released.

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