James Lukuku on President Lungu’ snake eating

James Lukuku on President Lungu’ snake eating

*Lukuku James analyses the Edgar Lungu snake meat ritual*

1st September, 2011, Fr Frank Bwalya beheads a live Chicken in public at a rally in Luanshya, Mpatamatu. He sprinkles blood on the ground to symbolise the end of the MMD.

30th September 2019, a soldier beheads a live snake in public at a pf military rally, sprinkling it’s interiors on the ground.

The snake doesn’t die even after it’s skin and it’s offals have been removed as can be seen in the 8 minute long video. Strange indeed.

“Freedom Sikazwe” and the President are the first to partake of the snake meat once it is presented to the President for holozoic consumption.

The soldier who is presenting the snake to the President does not look military but looks Sangomaic going by his face covered in thick beard. Soldiers don’t carry beard. It’s indiscipline. And he happens to be the only soldier among all to carry a beard.

Where did that soldier come from? Who is he? What are his name’s? Is he a soldier from the Zambia army or what? His he a Sangoma in our military attire?

In the video there is an insistent voice to ensure the cameraman takes clear and explicit pictures. Meaning there was some prior instruction to shoot the video for social media spread and national watch. But why? Why would the president wish to be watched country wide eating snake meat? When Zambians don’t eat snakes.

To let others also eat is a cover up. “Freedom Sikazwe” and the president appears and are the first partake of the abominable snake meat. They appear to be the intended consumers of the snake meat.

Since when did snake meat consumption become part of military drill in Zambia and the world over?

My fellow Zambians, don’t take such symbolic and satanic antics lights. The nation is mourning. Hunger poverty and starvation have reached punishing and painful levels and to see the president celebrating the eating of a snake in public in such a jovial mood as though all is perfect in our country, must leave us with serious questions deserving serious answers.

God bless mother Zambia, and in Jesus name we pray for the defeat of any symbolism, satanism, dark principalities, and any rituals against our beloved republic.

God bless mother Zambia. No weapon from the dark world formed against us shall prosper.

*James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku RPP President*

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