Janjaweed demanding $1 million to release Zambian citizen held hostage in Darfur

The Zambian Government says the terrorists holding a Zambian citizen hostage in Sudan’s Darfur region are demanding US$ 1 million.

Felix Ngoma a humanitarian worker for the International Organisation for Migration was abducted by the Janjaweed militia group in Darfur region on July 6, 2014 and his true condition remains unknown.

The Zambian government has been hiding this information until the Watchdog revealed it two days ago. Janjaweed is a pro-government militia, armed, funded and controlled by Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir to kill black, non-Muslim people in Darfur.

Foreign Affairs minister r Harry Kalaba however claimed that a hostage management team has been set up to negotiate with the gunmen who are demanding a ransom of 1 million dollars.

He told a media briefing that government is constantly in contact with the IOM Office in Lusaka adding that Mr. Ngoma who was abducted on 6th July 2014 is kept well and his release is likely.

“Mr Ngoma is said to have been on his way from IOM offices to his residence located 5 KM from IOM offices when he was intercepted. The gunmen contacted IOM office to inform them that they had abducted Mr Ngoma and demanded a ransom to be paid.

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