JCTR advises PF government to be sincere and accept economic downgrade to negative

JCTR advises PF government to be sincere and accept economic downgrade to negative

The Jesuit center for theological reflections JCTR has expressed concern over the inconsistency in government policies and pronouncements.

Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection Programmes Manager Geoffrey Chongo says one of the the numerous  inconsistencies  in the PF government is the issue of mines windfall tax which PF promised to re-introduce during campaigns.

Mr. Chongo says that after the PF got into power,the Minister of Finance suddenly announced that government was not going to reintroduce windfall tax. Mr. Chongo says that the PF government also while in opposition and even after getting into power promised that they would increase their stake in the mining companies but today Zambians are being told it is not government policy.

He says that it is this policy inconsistency among other factors has led Fitch to downward revise Zambia’s 2012economic outlook. He has noted that the Minister of Finance has acknowledged that there is inconsistency in policy pronouncements in his Government and he has blamed this development on some top government officials. He says that there is therefore urgent need to address this inconsistency and assure markets that there is no policy shift and not simply dismiss Fitch%u2019s concerns as inglorious opinion.

Mr. Chongo has added that it is also misleading for Government to say that Fitch’s recent economic outlook downgrade is inconsequential to the Zambian economy. He explains that Rating agency’s  opinion world over have significant impact on individual countries’ economic performance as they influence investor sentiments.

He has noted that the growth of the Zambian economy in the last few years has largely been influenced by increased inflow of foreign investment and the PF Government has not shifted from this focus. He says that maintaining foreign investors’ confidence in the economy thus still remains cardinal to the positive economic outlook of the economy and the fight against poverty.

Chongo advised the Zambian Government to positively look at the recent downgrade of Zambia’s economic outlook by Fitch rating and become more systematic and consistent in its policy pronouncement and implementation.

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