JCTR says Church cannot be separated from politics

JCTR says Church cannot be separated from politics


The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) in Kasama says the Church cannot be detached from politics.

JCTR Programmes Officer Arnold Moyo said the Church cannot be separated from politics because Christians too participate in many political aspects.

Mr Moyo added that Christians participate in voting, join political parties and become decision makers which borders on politics.

He also said Christians are part of the community who are affected by political activities and decisions made by any political dispensation.

Mr Moyo further said the church should be allowed to criticise bad government policies as a way of providing checks and balances.

He was speaking during a three day Jubilee Zambia workshop at Kasama Lodge in Kasama yesterday.

He challenged Jubilee Zambia members in the nation and other NGOs to take an active role in ensuring that issues of budgetary allocations in various government developmental projects and other good governance issues are followed up.

Mr Moyo also added that whatever happens in government affects all members of society saying civil society organisations should ensure that issues of national economy and the wellbeing of people are monitored.

The workshop drew Jubilee Zambia members from around Kasama.

It was aimed at discussing social conditions, faith and justice of the Zambian society.

And members appealed for funding from Jubilee to start implementing activities affecting the poor in society and sensitisation programmes in far flung areas of Kasama district.

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