JCTR worried by ever increasing cost of living

The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) is concerned that the cost of living has kept increasing in a Country where majority citizens’ incomes have remained very low.

The JCTR is worried that the increasing cost of living in the Country is denying Zambians the benefit from the positive measures that the PF government is implementing.

JCTR has observed  that this is in addition to the high levels of unemployment, poor conditions of work and limited economic opportunities.

Its latest Basic Needs basket survey of costs of essentials such as mealie meal, Kapenta, cooking oil, electricity, water and housing, for the  month of May 2016 has revealed that the cost of living in Lusaka drastically increased from K 4,293.95 in April to K 4,817.41.

The JCTR says this reflects a nominal increase of K523.46.

It notes that the major increase was recorded in the cost of housing from K1,750 to K2,650 for a decent three bedroomed house.

Its survey of selected households in selected townships in Lusaka has also revealed that many households have a monthly income of between K 500 and K2,500.

The JCTR states that with such income levels, it is clear that households are struggling to afford essentials such as decent housing, nutritious food, clean and safe water among other needs.

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