Jealous teacher cuts head of wife


A teacher at Omelo Mumba primary school in Katete district has cut offf the head of his wife after finding salacious messages in her phone

Eastern Province police commissioner Alex Chilufya Mumba Kalaba was beheaded by her husband Tobias Mwale aged 33.

“The victim is Mumba Kalaba, 26, of Ibex Compound Katete but is from Yasakwa village chief Mabumba, Mansa, a midwifery at Kasama General Hospital. She was murdered in a marital dispute by Tobias Mwale husband,33, of the same address; a teacher at Omelo Mumba Primary School. A blood soaked machete was found at the scene with head almost severed from the body and cuts on the neck,shoulder and left wrist. The suspect is in police custody for murder,” said Chilufya.

And a Katete resident who visited the crime scene narrated that Mwale suspected the wife of cheating on him with her Ex.

“What happened is that the wife had a child before getting married to this man. We understand that this lady was sponsored to college by her husband. So it so happened that she was posted to Kasama General Hospital where she was working as a nurse. Now apparently, she had a child before getting married to this teacher; and the father to her child, we understand also works at the same hospital in Kasama. But the child was staying here in Katete,” the witness narrated.

“Three days ago, she came to Katete to visit her husband and her child. Now, it seems the husband had heard stories that his wife wanted to leave him for the father of the child. So it’s like when the wife said she wanted to return to Kasama with the child, the husband confirmed that she wanted to leave him. We understand the man found messages on her phone from the Ex, telling her to leave him so that they start living together in Kasama. That’s how they started having an argument which led to a fight.”

The witness narrated that in the course of the fight, the husband produced a knife and sliced the wife’s throat.

“The whole incident took place in the bedroom. He killed her using a sharp panga to cut off her head. She was found lifeless in the bedroom wearing just an underwear,” narrated the witness who sent pictures to News Diggers! too graphic to publish.

“The mother to the murdered wife has been called and told that her daughter is very sick in ICU and she needs to travel immediately.”



  • If this couple they were perhaps stayn together this could have been avoided. Distance marriages are hectic. Govt should startn considering posting wivies to were husbands are working from to avoid mistrust in marriages n end results killings its very sad.

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    Glossbery matishi 7 months

    too bad

  • cruks r un wanted .bt sory

  • In the last days the love of many will definitely wax cold

  • Unfaithfulness in some is part of their life

  • I seriously put a blame on this stupid man, if you see your woman is misbehaving divorce her, beating all killing is not solving a problem. Respecting a woman is also nice, this man has caused pain to the family of her wife and the child remains a orphan.

  • Whats Thet Need Of Killing Her?. Ubwafwa We Men For Get That We Ar 100 Aganist A Thousand Women So Please If She Cheats On U Let Her Be And Go For Some1 Else.

  • Better to devorce if you cant afford to forgive than murdering someone’s daughter… Anyway ,its the devil the(master of all demons) behind all these scandals.

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    really a sad story ,the man went too far.

  • Never shud u marry a lady with child bcoz ifyabana tafipwa.,believe u me.

  • #GBV on its #pick I’m following !!!!

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    Tom 7 months

    cheats whether male or female b careful with how u take yo spouse,all people have an element of jealous,this can b provoked to such an extent,otherwise this is sad news

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    Tom 7 months

    she used the man to become a nurse,the man was really hurt

  • pliz avoid commenting wrong gathered rumours and let us mourn our dearest beloved friend and sister.. Muke Namz

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    james Bond007 7 months

    Killing is not the solution but the woman was wrong if she wanted an extra affair she would have just devorced the husband. Women please stop this thing of boyfriends
    When yu’re married. The same to yu men.

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    james Bond007 7 months

    Killing is not the solution but the woman was wrong to have an extra affair. If she wanted a boyfriend she would have just left the husband.

  • Nasilele Amy Wakung’uma

  • Pamela Chisanga

  • While we condemn this act 100%, just a word to all of us. Let’s avoid this game of playing on other people’s feelings. God is a jealous God cause He loves us and He doesn’t want to share us with anybody. We carry the nature of God in us cause we were created in His image. So jealous is an inborn thing, it always manifests in a situation where one’s feelings are being provoked. So let’s be very careful with our actions. If you don’t love someone please don’t start playing games with them. It’s just last month a police woman was short dead by her husband in a similar circumstances.

  • Well Done! How Can A Married Woman Give Sex To Other Men?

    • Don’t jst condem women as far as am concerned this act of having extra marital affairs is common in married men.

    • Iwe Faith! It’s Ok 4men, Not Women To Go 4extra Sex Sure, Better She Leave Me And Do It Somewhere Else.

  • Truly today i cn confirm tht watchdogs are truly just barking dogs with no proper info . The woman had cuts in the head and shoulders nt her head cut off. Wht kind of lies are these……..

  • I see nothing wrong educating someone, because in this world we need to do value addition with no expectations of making those you help your slaves. When you help it helps you more than the recipient of that help and so we want to be masters of those we have helped and we get dissapointed when those people dont perform to our expectations. But to express dissapointment to this extent is indeed the worst of its kind dismembering your own wife, am sure this man has done that before. Well let him face the music

  • fucking teachers!