Jealous teacher cuts head of wife


A teacher at Omelo Mumba primary school in Katete district has cut offf the head of his wife after finding salacious messages in her phone

Eastern Province police commissioner Alex Chilufya Mumba Kalaba was beheaded by her husband Tobias Mwale aged 33.

“The victim is Mumba Kalaba, 26, of Ibex Compound Katete but is from Yasakwa village chief Mabumba, Mansa, a midwifery at Kasama General Hospital. She was murdered in a marital dispute by Tobias Mwale husband,33, of the same address; a teacher at Omelo Mumba Primary School. A blood soaked machete was found at the scene with head almost severed from the body and cuts on the neck,shoulder and left wrist. The suspect is in police custody for murder,” said Chilufya.

And a Katete resident who visited the crime scene narrated that Mwale suspected the wife of cheating on him with her Ex.

“What happened is that the wife had a child before getting married to this man. We understand that this lady was sponsored to college by her husband. So it so happened that she was posted to Kasama General Hospital where she was working as a nurse. Now apparently, she had a child before getting married to this teacher; and the father to her child, we understand also works at the same hospital in Kasama. But the child was staying here in Katete,” the witness narrated.

“Three days ago, she came to Katete to visit her husband and her child. Now, it seems the husband had heard stories that his wife wanted to leave him for the father of the child. So it’s like when the wife said she wanted to return to Kasama with the child, the husband confirmed that she wanted to leave him. We understand the man found messages on her phone from the Ex, telling her to leave him so that they start living together in Kasama. That’s how they started having an argument which led to a fight.”

The witness narrated that in the course of the fight, the husband produced a knife and sliced the wife’s throat.

“The whole incident took place in the bedroom. He killed her using a sharp panga to cut off her head. She was found lifeless in the bedroom wearing just an underwear,” narrated the witness who sent pictures to News Diggers! too graphic to publish.

“The mother to the murdered wife has been called and told that her daughter is very sick in ICU and she needs to travel immediately.”


  • A man who finds a good wife is blessed. But a case can also be got from getting a wrong wife. Luk at this man, had it not been for her wife cheating, he would have been happy. So to those who are not married look befor you leap.

  • Mukobeko 100% treason 120% Ni Satan

  • that z a problem when u marry a used material with one or two dangulaz,be careful myfriendz love relationshp doent end easily.anyway too bad to the deceased!

  • The Wages Of Sin Is Death,may Her Soul Rest In Peace.

  • The pain of the man came from the fact that he sponsored her to school thinking he will be enjoying her alone only to find that another man is enjoying her..That’s I can’t sponsor a woman to school..

  • These r the chaps tht nd treason charges not ijA yaku mongu

  • too bad but these women we marring nowday there ar problems she knows dat,she is in marriage bt stil dating with somone?

    • imagine! same human being made adam to eat the fruit z the one promoting disloyal in our housholds.women i dont trust them even one bit.i wil remain single until i die bro

  • Judgement day is coming soon

  • Really there a lot alternatives this matter rather than cutting somebody’s head

    • Indeed there were alternative the could have chased the woman instead of resorting to killing her he will end up loosing the job and in prison

  • much as we dont suport killing, the ladyalso acted foolishly especially if its true she was sponsored to college.

  • Infidelity can hate,even de judge or lawyer cn behave de same.

  • I call this tempted beyond capacity to withhold one’s carefull of your temper this is what it can do left unchecked

  • killg is nt a solution,zambianx mental torture is the bext punishment

  • Why always the monkey and Rat eaters?

    Homeland or Death!

  • You are giving us real issues now this is good.

  • I kno hw da guy was feelin I cant blame him.

  • ummmm 2 bad y dnt u kll hm oso

  • stupid man life in jail

  • Advice to everyone: Lets respect each other’s privacy. Ladies do not be playing with your partner’s phone: Guys also lets not be checking our partner’s phones…Thats the secret to happiness in a r/ship! Take it or leave it but this can help you overccome such criminal acts!

    • Just avoid leading double lives….

    • What privacy are you talking about in a marriage?

    • I can’t allow my wife deny me access to her phone…. Just stop this nonsense of having so many lovers

    • My Phone Is Her Phone, Her Phone Is Mine.

    • How can a man stop checking her wife phone or how can a wife stop checking his husband phone?the best way is stop double cross .

    • There is no privacy in marriage my dear

    • Yes! Why checking?for what?!don’t you love and trust her/him?!ah ! Why playing police on a person you claim to love?!

    • youre also a beach

    • Very true privacy must be observed

    • wat privacy naiwe chipo n marriage the two become one flesh.U ‘ll be the next victim if dats yo lifestyle

    • U are also involved in infidelity

    • Privacy for what in marriage disgrace

    • Privacy is the way to go because stuff like that can be avoided. What u don’t know won’t hurt u or make u kill your partner… even a stray message can cause u to over react so hands off each others phones pls my friends..!

    • Ba Chipo, If U Dnt Hv Wat 2 Coment Beta U Keep Quiet.Hw Cn I Stop Checking My Wife’s 4n?

    • Good advice My Man

    • #Owen i said so becuz phones have brot mo harm than gud….Some pipo are so jealousy such that even jx a simple hi to his g/frnd nishi yamukosela gelo! if yo woman z honest then she ll definately fond means of dealing with external matters….

    • Iwe! U Mean U Hav No Access To Patner’ s Fon? Problem Is Th Mindset Of Someone Wh Always Want To Hav Maultiparntenrs. It Gets Out Of Hand Leav Th Person Than Comitng Such A Sin

    • #Muka i had access to her fon but i personally displined maself and stoped playin with it…i owez found myself hurt even where it was unnecessary…Guys will owez start with a ka simple hi!

    • #Muka i had access to her fon but i personally displined maself and stoped playin with it…i owez found myself hurt even where it was unnecessary…Guys will owez start with a ka simple hi!

    • Chipo……your advice ain’t right.
      The best way is for couples to remain faithful to one another.

    • #Reuben i think u r right but sam pipo jx neva change!

    • iwe chipo muzopuks, what is more private, a personal phone or private parts ? if couples

    • iwe chipo muzopuks, what is more private, a personal phone or private parts ? if couples in a marriage are free to touch those parts, then why hide phones from each other ? Arebeven married iwe ?

    • ##OWEN shut up….if u av no solution 2 th problem…allow ur mind 2b mute.

    • married pipo ar one meaning his free to check his wife’s phone

    • So the issue here is the phone not about her cheating with her Ex? If she didn’t cheat then this wouldn’t have happened. So advice people Chipo Muzipula Shangz about being faithful to each other not about the phones.

    • his advise is on point let’s respect our partners privacy,so u will find that maybe the guy was communicating abt the child but even if she cheat did he hv 2 kill her?

    • Am married my phone is free to my wife.Chipo dont go into marriage if you are not ready

    • Where there’s trust no need to hide phones from each other. Once you see your partner busy putting sofisticated password or partens just know that you need to be on the lookout. These days there’s HIV AIDS, so nothing like closing your eyes to possible infidelity.. better cry and safe than regret

    • What privacy are you talking about Chipo? faithfulness and openness is a key. You can not avoid your partners phone. If there is mistrust in a relation just break up.

    • Am sure some of you commenting are not married. When you marry you become one which privacy are you talking about bcoz in matrimony even your private parts are no longer private. So does a phone become a private between husband and wife. Careful bane

    • If you want privacy,dont marry

    • i think chipo is also cheating the partner through a phone.Becareful you may lose your life also my friend!

    • i think Chipo is also cheating the partner through a phone.Becareful you may lose your life also my friend!

    • Chipo ‘Do not commit adultery’wat privacy in marriage?

    • Cheating is death sentence,especially for a woman ,its not fair but we see it very often

    • If u have that mindset, don’t Marry.

    • Foolish advice..

    • BA chipo am ashamed of your comment truly I am

    • nothng like privacy wen u marry. u mean z 4n bcomes more private than z private parts which r seen by yo spouse every second of every minute. shame!

    • Thou shall not kill

    • The wages of sin is death.

    • Marry a nurse, police officer, politician and secretary at your own risk.Most of these people are sexy machines. I dont know what design is their on their BEANS which makes it fail to rest.Nyele too too much.

    • I have password on my phone but am not cheating on her.I have some deals which a woman should not know.If things go sour she will have u arrested .Why should someone read your messages before you shortly the owner reads them.policing is not even necessary in marriage. Stop playing with people s feelings by being faithful. period


  • if you’re a married person avoid whattsapp,fb&other things with your phones to avoid suspecious,

  • God help us…..where are we going as Zambians lets jx keep on praying….

  • Painful death n too bad. I know the man ws upset abnormaly. It pains however.

  • My Man, who am I to blame you? After doing all that investment in her? You are the Man (#In_Martin_Lawrence’s Voice)

  • Wako ni wako tribe

  • sorry 4 dat my bro preson life beter u live her

  • That man is really a demon, he’s suppose to be killed as well, ladies/women also you must be sticking to your partner/husbands only, not combining men. TOO BAD.

  • Its so risky to marry a woman who already had a child from someone else,ifyabana tafipwa,,

  • beta u put a privacy code in yo msgesand names

  • To bad for the deasesed

  • Y killing someone y did he just chase her from his house instead of cuting her head,look at what he has lost his job and his freedom.

  • infidelity, anyway it hates you can kill

  • Toomuch infidelity these days also on the part of married women with these WhatsApp things!

  • that man need to be killd too

  • mmmm those are issues now. Where are we heading too

  • Sad development. . . That man “EXACTLY” deserve imprisonment with no doubt .Good work Police “ON THAT ONE”


  • mmmmh iliko bad

  • Zambia where are we and where are we heading to