Jerry Fingers sues govt over stolen property

Jerry Fingers sues govt over stolen property

-JERYY FINGERS tries to stop investigations into Eric Chimese’s theft and corruption by suing Attorney genera and DEC

Lusaka Businesman James Kasanga Chungu has dragged the Attorney General and Drug Enforcement Commission(DEC) to Court over the seizure of property on TwinPalm Road, which is believed to belong to former ZAF commander Eric Chimese.

On Wednesday, after arresting Chungu and Chinese DEC also seized the assets which they believe belong to former ZAF Commander, Chimese.

DEC believes that James Chungu, known as Jerry Fingers due to his crooked ways especially forging signatures, is concealing the property on behalf of former ZAF commander.

But Mr. Chungu claims that following the seizure of his property, he has presented the original true copy of his title deeds and copies of the agreement with the contractor who built the Executive Apartments.

He said Farm No 2303, Ibex Hill belongs to Chita Lodge and the Lands Deeds Register will show that the land belongs to him since 2008.

He also claimed that despite being the owner of the property, DEC has never spoken to him, or enquired him for verification.

He said the property has nine stand alone houses which he has furnished and rented for business.

The matter is scheduled in the Lusaka High Court.
The High court must throw out this case as it is an attempt to block a criminal investigation.

Infact there is a pending investigation on how Jerry Fingers stole River Motel (Rimo) and turned it into Chita lodge.

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