Njeulu says Lozis are developing under PF as he seeks adoption of PF

UPND MP for Sinjembela Constituency, Western Constituency, Poniso Njeulu currently serving as minister in the bloated PF government has gone flat-out campaigning and seeking for adoption in the PF.

Njeulu is currently in the constituency where he is trying to convince UPND structures to also follow him in the PF where he is enjoying alone.

On Thursday, Njeulu addresssed school children and told them to join PF as it was the only party that was giving money and has taken development to Western Province.

Of course part of the unprecendeted development that PF has so far taken to Western Province includes the state of the art brand new stadium which is already completed but whose location one cannot even recognize because not a single block has been erected and is currently overgrown with grass.

PF have also built King Lewanika University, the best in Africa, only by word of mouth, as the place is still grass field for animal grazing.

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