Sata’s company takes over all Govt advertising contracts

Sata’s company  takes over all Govt advertising contracts

Sata cheating his way to State houseAll advertising contracts for government and key parastatals in the mainstream media will now be handled by President Michael Sata’s company, City Advertising Zambia Limited.

The greeady and corrupt move by dictator Michael Sata means that a lot of youths and other small businesses and even established advertising companies will lose businesses.

State House sources have told the Watchdog that Sata’s company, City Advertisers domiciled at Farmers House on Cairo Road, which initiated, and still runs Sangwapo Adverts in the Patriotic Front controlled and run newspaper, The Post, is now the official advertising agent for all government activities.

Sources have disclosed that key institutions such as the Road Development Agency (RDA) have been ordered to channel all their print and electronic advertisements and payments to City Advertisers.

RDA was recently transferred to State House under the president’s office and regularly runs full-page newspaper adverts worthy billions of kwachas.

Advertisements for the government and its parastatal wings runs in billions of kwacha.

The media industry in Zambia employs hundreds of sales executives, mainly youths who obtain advertisements from both private and public institutions for a living.

The move to corruptly award Sata’s firm as the sole advertising agent for government has effectively sent these sales executives in the streets.

Some of the advertising agents complained that it was now hard for them to attract advertising contracts where they earn a commission because most of their clients in government and parastatals channel adverts through City Advertisers, Sata’s company.

Less than six months in office, president Michael Sata increased his personal salary by more than 100 per cent. He is already building his retirement hoouse.

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