Jobless cop sues state after being suspected to ‘poison’ Sata’s family

Chief Inspector Donald Ngwira, the cop who was retired for suspecting him to have given alleged poisoned pineapples to state house has sued the state claiming damages.

Michael Sata_0In January last year, state house received five pineapples from a PF cadre Manyando Liywali of Kabwe. The pineapples were taken for testing at the UTH’s food and drug laboratory and Ngwira and two other officers ate one of the samples as per procedure and delivered the remaining four to state house.

About a week later, the results from UTH showed that the pinneaples contained a pesticide merathone organal phosphate hence not suitable for human consumption and Ngwira contacted Nkwazi house so that the other four could be withdrawn but by then one of the pinneaples was already eaten by one of the first family members, It is however not known who ate the unsuitable pinneaple.

Following the incident, on 14th February 2013 Ngwira who worked in administration at State house was then transferred to Police headquarters by Inspector general stella Libongani but four days later he was retired in national interest.

According to the papers filed in the Lusaka high Court, Ngwira states that on the material day the pineapples were received he had obtained a day’s leave to attend to a sick brother.

He further submits that he was not given any chance to exculpate himself and as a result of his wrongful retirement, he had suffered loss of his job, loss of future earnings which had caused distress in his family and now is seeking reinstatement and transfer.

Ngwira is also seeking interest on damages at the current bank rate, any other equittable reliefs as well as costs.

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