Joe Malanji said to be Angolan

Joe Malanji said to be Angolan

Lest Joseph Malanji forgets, we are not yet done with you.

Malanji Joe as you are called in The Golf Fraternity, tell us which Schools you went to in Zambia and where you attained your form 3 from and where you obtained your Diploma in Business Studies from?

We are told you are from Angola from the Province Malanje whose provincial capital is also Malanje. You are actually Joseph (José) Malanje though you claim to be from Northwestern

So you Malanje you and your parents ran away from the civil war in Angola, came to Zambia through our porous border in North Western province and want to dictate us on how we should practise our Journalism? Aikona. Without free media, people can’t express themselves and end up picking arms line Jonas Savimbi your compatriot did.

Is there a possibility that you are passing on sensitive information on Zambia to your embassy in Northmead ?

We are actually investigating reports on how you really fought to have Mulusa fired to the extent of having his drink laced with Poison so that you can replace him as a North westerner in Cabinet when you are an Angolan. We are not done with you.

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