Jogging while the nation is starving

Jogging while the nation is starving

Yona Musukwa writes:


1. A 25kg Bag of Breakfast Mealie Meal is now
selling at K100 and still going up.

2. $1 US Dollar is now K12.05 and still going

3. Prices of essential commodities are

And nothing is being down to arrest these escalating economic problems, instead all we are seeing are people jogging, as if our country is facing a devastating jogging problem.

Anyway, continue jogging!

Class Dismissed!

ZWD comment: kaili beve banyopolo bwino so they can manage to run

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    Together with HH u Fall 2 weeks ago

    Koma yenangu ma postings. Lungu has to be opposed because you are the opposition Yayi. You mean someone cant jog if there is starvation! You are just an overly critical media with no sense for news. You only see news if there is something to attack the president with

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    Neymor 2 weeks ago

    I agree with Minty Bulyo, the energy the president is using to Hogg not that jogging is wrong must use it to address the nation through press conference. Why is he so afraid of holding a press conference. The only reason is he doesn’t have the answer to the so many problems Zambia is facing. Even Levy used to hold press conferences to address his people

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    Muntu Bulyo 2 weeks ago

    The worrying thing about Zambian politics is lack of action to address the deteriorating economic situation. Maybe this jogging is preparation for running away. I miss those days when KK would call for press conferences and steer the country at least in some direction.

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    True Zambian 2 weeks ago

    The nation is not starving. Te ones starving are HH’s supporters who refuse to be part of the solar milling plants until HH is in plot 1.