John Cotton Snr speaks out

Below is the posting from John Cotton Senior, the father to the son who is alleged to have been taken to Zambia illegally. And  Cotton says his ex-wife is the sister of Zambian footballer Jacob Mulenga.

This is John Cotton, Sr. The Father of John Jr. For the record, there is a Court Order in place restricting Silvia from leaving the US with my son because her visa was revoked.

Silvia was free to leave the country and get her visa reenstated then return to the US.

I do not want this for me nor my son. I did not want our faces blasted across the media for all to see and judge prematurely such as the comment left from Bantu Boonse.

FYI, I don’t smoke, drink or indulge in drugs. But ask yourself would you not look stressed out if your only child was taken from you.

Kambongolo, yes, the mother had access to my son. Why would she not? She is his mother. We shared joint custody. I had my son Every Wednesday and Every weekend from Friday 6PM until Sunday 8 PM. I work Monday to Friday. All my free time went to my son. I don’t want this thing to get any bigger than it is now. Silvia nor myself created John Jr. alone. Therefore, both parents must be in the child’s life. Silvia called me last night after discovering our personal problem is now international news. She stated, “I must deal with her on this and not US Government”. I told her that’s what I prefer but I cannot deal with her if she doesn’t call.

Unfortunately, her minutes depleted and the phone call ended. I’m unable to call and have contact with my son because Silvia is unwilling to provide me with a contact number. I just want a peaceful solution to the problem and a the safe return of my son.

Although this seem to be a big thing in the media, the charges Silvia currently faces are misdemeanor in nature and carries no jail time.

However, if John Jr. is not return, the charges will increase from state felony to US felony and that’s when the US Court gets involved. Currently all legal charges can be dropped with the return of my son.

This is what I prefer so Silvia’s visa can be reenstated. I don’t want to be a left-out parent nor do I want Silvia to be left-out neither. My son loves his mother and want her to be a part of his life too.

I personally met her Mother and younger brother. Both were extremely nice and friendly people. I believe once we talk we can resolve this peacefully and out of the media. I urge anyone who knows Silvia to have her call me back so she and I, and not the authorities can resolve this matter.

 Sincerely, John Sr.

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