Join me in Mandevu today – HH

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is inviting Lusaka residents to join him in Mandevu today at 14 hours to reflect on how the PF has destroyed the country in a short period.

Hichilema and other party leaders will be addressing a rally at Mutambe Grounds.

The UPND leadership will explain to the people how the UPND will try to rebuild the country after PF exits in 2016 or earlier.

Speaking to the Watchdog ahead of the rally, HH said it is important for people to come out and meet, and comfort each other at the rally.

Hichilema said it is a good idea for people who can’t afford a decent meal, transport to town or to visit relatives in the villages due to the PF bad leadership to go to the rally and meet other thousands of citizens toiling under the Panga Family.

HH said the suffering the PF has caused on Zambians is very inhuman but deliberate.

HH said Zambia is a small country with a relatively small population that a good government can easily plan and budget for given the immerse natural resources the country has.

He said the main problem that needs to be urgently addressed in Zambia is lack of visionary and practical leadership.

Hichilema said the PF leadership is simply inadequate for the aspirations of Zambians.

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