Join Zambian Watchdog as Volunteer editor

 The Zambian Watchdog (www.zambianwatchdog) publishes breaking news on Zambia and about Zambia on a 24 hour basis. We also publish investigative special reports. We write news regardless of whom or what the subject is. We fear no one and we favour no one. We are mostly interested in politics and exposing crime and those working against public interest.

The Zambian Watchdog is not associated with or connected to any political, religious or any other interest group. We are hundred per cent independent.

Due to massive popularity and demand for the type of news we provide, the Zambian Watchdog needs volunteer editors/writers to join the network.

Here are some checkpoints to help you decide whether you want to join our network of volunteer editors:

Do you love what the Zambian Watchdog does?

Do you have an interest in current affairs at all levels?

Do you have a lively interest in people, places and events?

Do you have determination and persistence?

Are you brave? What we do is often dangerous.

 Are you able to write in a style which is easy to understand?

Are you able to remove your personal feelings/interests from the story you are telling the public?

 Can you work independently?

Do you have regular access to the Internet?

Are you willing to contribute to the Zambian Watchdog as a volunteer?

If you are interested, send a short bio to

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