Jokers Cosmo, Edwin Sakala and others join hands to make bigger joke

Jokers Cosmo, Edwin Sakala and others join hands to make bigger joke

Edwin-SaakalaFour political parties have joined together to form a coalition Party aimed at promoting dialogue between the ruling and opposition political parties.

The coalition which shall be called National Coalition of Political Parties (NACOPA) includes Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM), National Revolution Party (NRP), Zambia Democratic Coalition (ZADECO), and the Party for Unity Democracy and Development(PUDD).

Speaking during the launch in a joint statement by Interim Chairperson, Edwin Sakala said the coalition is a body that will provide a platform for the people to express themselves.

Mr. Sakala said NACOPA is a group of political parties opposed to what they termed as current trend of politics in the country where people insult each other in the media.

He said NACOPA stands to provide a platform to all political parties to come together to tackle issues that have the capacity to divide the nation.

Mr. Sakala who is also ZDDM President said through NACOPA they will introduce a new political order where national interest comes first before anything else.

He said NACOPA’s agenda is to free Zambia from vindictiveness and promote brotherhood in politics.

Speaking earlier coalition Interim Chairperson for Information Cosmo Mumba said the coalition will provide checks and balances to the ruling party.

Mumba who is also National Revolution Party President said the main aim of the party is to challenge government constructively and to provide solutions to some of the major challenges that they are going through.

He said five Members of Parliament (MP) from the UPND and three MPs from MMD have also expressed interest in joining the coalition.

Mumba said the coalition party has a symbol of a Lion because of the aggressiveness it portrays and has adopted to follow its traits.

He said the party will soon hold a number of rallys beginning with Chawama in order to explain to the people what the coalition party is all about.

Mumba said the confusion in some of the opposition political parties is making the coalition even stronger and will help them strategise as they form the next government.

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