Jospeh Mwewa pays officials at Ministry of Works to destroy evidence

Notorious road contract thief Joseph Mwewa has paid officials in the ministry of works and supply to destroy a report which was submitted last year where he inadvertently disclosed how he received 4 million dollars into his company account for the Kenneth Kaunda airport upgrade.

The US4 million dollars came from the 25 million dollars released by ministry of Finance for the upgrade of the airport, which formed part of the counterpart funding to China Exim Bank for the concessional loan Zambia applied for.

There has been panic in the ministry to destroy the paper trail and watchdog can confirm that the report has been removed from the files in the registry while the master file has been taken by the Permanent Secretary. At the time the report was done, it was everything was quiet and didn’t expect that the issue will be public at some point.

“There is total panic. The report has been removed from the file,” the source said.

Mwewa in a report done by his company Asphalt Roads Zambia (ARZ) stated that he received 3.8 million dollars in his company account but said he used the money to buy equipment for his company.

“Where on earth a sub contractor does gets the money from project funds before any work. He was put on that project to do roads and time for roads comes after the buildings have been done,” the source said.

Mwewa in report signed by himself stated that he bought some graders and a perkin generator and backhoe loader which together costed him 3.8 million dollars.

“This is the money they shared with Bwembya Chikwanda and other officials,” the source said.
The 25 million dollars from the government which is part of the counterpart funding for the loan to build the new airport has been looted by a number of government officials but the corruption is controlled by Mwewa and finance minister Chikwanda.

Mwewa works with a Mr. Hu from China Jiangxi, a company contracted to do the airport upgrade. Watchdog can also confirm that Mr. Hu is also wanted by police in Zambia for other petty crimes including failing to pay for basic service such hotel bills at a known lodge where he takes Zambian girls.


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