Journalist Jubilee Malambo ‘visited’by OP for criticising MISA

Journalist Jubilee Malambo ‘visited’by OP for criticising MISA


Two intelligence officers have been unleashed to trail Radio Liseli journalist Jubilee Malambo a few days after he posted a comment criticising the inept Media Institute for Southern Africa MISA (Zambia) board headed by PF cadre Hellen Mwale. The two male and female want to intimidate MISA member Malambo so that he can stop pushing the agenda to reform MISA.

According to a conversation accessed from OP agents, PF aligned Intelligence officers who are sponsoring Daily Nation newspaper editor Mwale to re-contest her position of chairperson so that PF can continue to manipulate the media industry were angered after Malambo posted a comment in a media whatsapp group for journalists.

Last year, Mwale faked a dismissal from the PF aligned newspaper owned by ex convict Richard Sakala to get a job at in the civil society movement but the Watchdog is aware that she is still working as a part time editor at the company. This is the reason why she reacted very angrily at the stage managed petrol bombing of the company but has remained silent on other media violations including the time when her boss Sakala dubiously bought the printing press for the Post at an illegal auction sale.

This is what Malambo wrote to earn himself a threat by PF security agents using a cadre called Monje:

“We as members of MISA Zambia are disappointed that in the recent past MISA has remained mute on media violations in the nation. Recently the police announced threats that some media publications may be shut down during this period when article 31 is in force, our Muvi TV colleague in Kabwe was also harassed by known PF cadres during his and both incidences have gone unchallenged and not condemned by MISA.

We are wondering whether MISA and Chairperson Hellen Mwale have become an extension of the ministry of information or still existing as a media advocacy body. We demand a stance within 48 hours failure to which we shall pass a vote of no confidence in the executive which has even lived longer than its mandate”.  

But at the end of the 48 hour ultimatum, this is how the conversation whose recording we have went:

OP, Monje: Hello

Jubilee Malambo: Hello

OP: Good morning sir

JM: Good morning

OP: Am I speaking to Mr. Jubilee Malambo? (in a seductive voice)

JM: Yes

OP: Ookay, this is Monje

JM: Monje?

OP: Yes Ookay, we don’t know each other ehh?

JM: I think so

OP: Ookay we don’t know each other. Okay someone just gave me an article, which was written by you which has something to do with MISA and that is where I got the number from. I wanted to find out if you are okay that we meet?

JM: We meet, me and you? (Sounds surprised)

OP: Yes!

JM: Where are you?

OP: Right now am in town, am heading to Levy Junction

JM: Ohh unfortunately am not in Lusaka

OP: Ohh ohh … shame, you are not based in Lusaka?

JM: No

OP: Ookay, am calling you from OP’s office

JM: Sorry, OP? (Sounds surprised)

OP: From office of the President…

JM: Office of the President? Ok

OP: Yes because we just wanted to get more details over this MISA issue, we thought you are in Lusaka.

JM: You can go to MISA and find out more details. They can give you, am not the spokesperson for MISA.

OP: Oh Ookay, mmm Okay thanks a lot I will definitely go to the office, Thanks sir.

End of conversation which was being recorded in the background.


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