Journalist Mafa agrees to be state witness against opposition leader

Journalist Mafa agrees to be state witness against opposition leader

Charles Mafa. What a shame

Charles Mafa, a practicing journalist has agreed to be used by the government to bear false witness against Lusaka lawyer Martha Mushipe. Lawyer Mushipe is been persecuted for her fearless defence of opposition UPND leaders and ordinary members  from the PF regime.

In an attempt to silence her, the PF regime has charged her with seditious practice and journalist Mafa will be the main state witness together with that weakling Ngosa Simbyakula. Ngosa Simbyakula was a minister under late Michael Sata but he is now a PF official.

This is shameful really. How can a journalist agree to used like this just for a few pieces of silver? Who will ever agree to be interviewed by Mafa again when the whole country now knows that he is treacherous and can go report you to the police just after an interview and then agree t0 testify against you in court. Mafa actually calls himself an investigative journalist. Why can’t Mafa learn a lesson from his friend Abel Mbozi who has been used and dumped with unpaid legal fees?

Anyway, Lusaka magistrate Felix Kaoma granted the defence an adjournment on account of Mushipe’s poor health.

When the case came up yesterday, the State was ready to proceed with two witnesses, Simbyakula and Mafa. But lawyer Nellie Mutti said the defence was not ready to proceed yesterday.

“Our client is not feeling well. We mentioned to the prosecutor and they indicated that they will not object to the application to adjourn,” Mutti said.

Making a ruling, magistrate Kaoma granted the application saying the defence had been consistent. He adjourned the case to October 20 for continuation of trial.

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