Journalist Pondamali discharged, taken back to police cells

Police have taken back to jail Kabwe based journalist Wilson Pondamali.

Pondamali was discharged from hospital today (Wednesday) around lunch hour.

But the police who have been watching over him on a 24-hour basis while keeping him handcuffed to bed immediately took him back to the police station.

His lawyers were by 15 hours local time trying to secure police bond for him.

Wilson Pondamali is an investigative journalist who was arrested on 16 July 2013 and charged with possession of military pamphlets. While he was granted bail, Zambian police have continued to hold him in Mpima Remand Prison in Kabwe, claiming that he has attempted to escape from lawful custody. He has since also been charged with causing damage to government property – they claimed Mr Pondamali has damaged a police car door handle.

On 22 July, he collapsed in his police cell and was admitted to hospital where he was being treated for pneumonia while under tight police custody, handcuffed to his hospital bed.

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