Journalist Pondamali spends night handcuffed to hospital bed

Investigative journalist Wilson Pondamali spent last night at Kabwe General hospital chained to a bed.

And Pondamali, in a brief interview, told the Watchdog that he has been sick from last Friday and that the police have been physically harassing him.

Pondamali, who was hardly audible, said he started feeling sick last Friday while detained at Mpima remand prison.

 Mpondamali was rushed to hospital after collapsing around 18 hours Monday, July 22, 2013 in jail. He was admitted to hospital but made to lye on bed in police handcuffs tied to his bed. Armed police officers guarded him through the night.

His lawyer, Mulilo Kawesha confirmed that the journalist was admitted at Kabwe Central hospital for suspected pneumonia. The doctors were still conducting tests to establish what caused him to collapse.

The police have refused to release Pondamali despite the court granting him bail.

Pondamali has been detained in Kabwe since last week on Wednesday. He has been charged with four different offences.

The latest two charges of stealing a novel and attempting to escape from lawful custody were added yesterday.

The court granted him bail for all offences but the police refused to release him but instead took him back to prison.

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