Journalist Pondamali to spend weekend in jail as police accuse him of stealing novel

Detained journalist Wilson Pondamali will spend the weekend in Jail.

And the police have accused Pondamali of stealing a novel from the council library in Kabwe.

 Police have refused to release him despite telling his lawyer and family that they would release him on police bond Friday afternoon.

The police have instead moved him to a remand prison from the police detention cell he has been languishing in from Wednesday. They took him to Mpima remand prison.

The police earlier told Pondamali’s lawyer and family that they should go to the police and sign bond for him so that he could be released.

But the family was kept waiting for along time as the police kept on changing statement until late in then evening when they announced that they would not set him free.

The police cooked up stories that Pondamali, who is detained, was beating them up hence the reason to keep him in prison.

The Zambia police are known for keeping people in detention over the weekend as a way of punishing them. They do not release detained people during weekends.

And in their continued search for a charge to slap on Pondamali, the police re trying to accuse him of stealing a novel.

When they raided his home on Wednesday, the police found an old novel which they are trying to say he stole from the council library.

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