Journalist reminds reminds Mulusa real friends

Journalist reminds reminds Mulusa real friends

Mulusa on Xmas day

Journalist Kalani Muchima writes :

I saw Lucky Mulusa in his darkest moments. Lucky was always at my work place asking for coverage and i could do just that.

I could bring him on programs as i continued advising him of what to do to remain in public life as a politician.

Lucky could call me every now and then and never a day did i ignore his calls.

Luckily Lucky was appointed President Edgar Lungu’s Special assistant for project implementation, I remember calling him to congratulate him over his appointment.

Since then i never called him again. We then met at State House during President Edgar Lungu’s press conference, it was at that event were Lucky started lecturing me of how to report as a journalist.

According to him, I was too controversial towards government stating that President Lungu was the best man ever to rule Zambia and i should support him through my works.

I asked him if he could say the same thing if he was fired or if he was not appointed in his position he never responded until today when he has actually been fired.

Many times i attempted to call Mr. Mulusa but all the many times i ever called him he never picked any of my calls.

One day he was officiating at an event at Intercontinental hotel and as he was leaving i went to greet him as he approached his car and his response was am rushing somewhere i will call you am still waiting for that call.

Now that you are nolonger Minister will you now call me again? In case you are planing to use me please be reminded that am busy. Wishing you all the best and happy 2018.

I hope Given Lubinda is also covering his tracks

Mulusa on Xmas day

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