Journalist says MuviTV reporters were beaten by criminals not MMD cadres

A senior journalist, Ridgeway Liwena has urged the media to be careful with the manner in which they interpret issues to avoid plunging the nation into chaos.

Commenting on the harassment of Muvi TV journalists by alleged MMD cadres in Lusaka West yesterday, Liwena said it was clear that the action was criminally motivated.

“As journalists, we should be very careful with the interpretation of issues related to violence. The incident in Lusaka West was criminally motivated. There is no proof that the perpetrators of violence were political cadres,” he said.

Liwena said there was need to differentiate between criminal and political activities because the misinterpretation of such violence related issues could cause unrest in the political arena

About seven Muvi TV employees were yesterday beaten by a mob, whom they claim to have been MMD cadres.

Two female employees were threatened with rape and broadcast equipment was confiscated.

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