Journalist Zyambo out of jail, Police thought he had obituary of Sata

Journalist Zyambo out of jail, Police thought he had obituary of Sata

One of the two journalists arrested and charged with sedition, Thomas Zyambo, has been released from custody on police bond. Zyambo was released late Thursday after Solwezi MP Lucky Mulusa signed as his surety.

And OP sources have disclosed to the Watchdog they were instructed to hunt for Zyambo as they thought he had an obituary of president Sata, which he planned to publish on the Zambian Watchdog.

“You can see from the fake charge he has been given that we have nothing on him but State House told us that there are journalists who are writing the obituary of his excellency so we had to do something,’ said a senior OP official.

The OP official said ‘the instructions we got from State House were that the Watchdog is a stupid and daring publication that can publish the obituary of the head of state even before he dies.’

The source said what was most worrying was that there information that such an obituary would include mostly the negative events in Sata’s life as it would list all the women he has had and the children born ‘in the bush.’

Zyambo was picked on the same day former Evelyn Hone College journalism lecturer Clayson Hamasaka was picked after State House agents raided his home in Woodland’s Chalala area.

Writing obituaries of leaders or famous people in advance is a common trend in the media. Obituaries for Nelson Mandela, Kenneth Kaunda, Rupiah Banda and others have already been written and kept on desk tops.

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