‘Journalists can use information law to sell country’

Vice president George Kunda says the freedom of information bill has been withdrawn from parliament.

Kunda said in parliament that the bill can not be made into law now because some Zambian journalists will use it to sell the country.

Kunda said some Zambian journalists are unpatriotic and irresponsible and therefore passing the Freedom of Information bill into law will only be done later.

He said the bill will be taken back to parliament ‘when it is in the best interest of Zambians.’

He said government is treading very carefully on that particular law.

And Kunda has advised NGOs to stop complaining endlessly when ever they are criticised.

In an apparent reference to Transparency International Zambia, Kunda said that some NGOs have the terndency of complaining for more than a month whenever they are mildly criticised.

He said the NGOs like holding press conferences and paying for full pages of adverts in newspapers just to complain about being criticised.

He said that the same NGOs like criticizing politicians.

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