Journalists leader swindles Mulongoti

Press association of Zambia PAZA executive Secretary Patson Phiri on Wednesday crooked leader of the newly formed party  Mike Mulongoti out of a Kr5000.

Mr. Mulongoti gave the PAZA leader KR5000 to organize a media breakfast and pay journalists transport refunds.

But in his usual style Phiri booked the infamous Zamcom lodge along Lusaka’s church road for free and only paid for the ‘awful’ breakfast which journalists expressed disgust.

Phiri fled the lodge upon Mr. Mulongoti requesting for receipts immediately after the event.

This left Mr Mulongoti and his assistant stunned and deeply disappointed.

Apparently Mulongoti and Phiri have a long history of working together. When Phiri got married, mulongoti who was then minister paid for most wedding costs.

But once Mulongoti lostb his job, Patson started avoiding him.

Phiri is one of the journalists who were fired by the PF government just after forming government but has since wormed his way in again.

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